"Everything I'm not made me everything I am."

- Kanye West

About Me

Hey, it's Terrence.

So maybe you’ve clicked around my website, gazed at my projects and learned a bit about what I can do. Here’s the part where I tell you a bit about myself.

I was born in Cleveland, Ohio, and enrolled at the University of Cincinnati when I was just 16. In 2010, I graduated with a marketing degree with a focus in advertising and began working jobs that ranged from social media manager to brand strategist.

After an unexpected layoff, I asked myself, “What’s next?” Sure, I had been a successful marketer but I needed a change. I wanted to take control of my life and pursue a career that would be challenging, make me uncomfortable and force me to grow.

That’s when I decided to learn how to code. In January 2016, I was accepted into the Tech Talent South program in Charlotte, N.C., with the idea that if I was going to change my career, I’d have to put my money where my mouth is.

So, I did.

After finishing TTS’ 12-week code immersion program, I was hooked. I learned the basics of front-end development and gained experience building with Ruby on Rails. I later went back to finish a 10-week javascript application development course. Using the skills I learned in those classes, I’ve completed several freelance projects. I was hired on as a software engineer for a startup. And today, I work as Software Engineer at Iterable, a growth marketing platform based in San Francisco.

I love coding but life’s about balance. When I’m not attached to a Mac, music and movies are life. I’m reading about cryptocurrency/blockchain development. I love cooking pasta. And, most importantly, I’m learning how to be a father to a beautiful little girl.

I believe I have the know-how and acumen to meet your development needs. Plus, I’m a self-taught graphic designer and marketer who’s developed a passion for thinking creatively to solve business challenges.